Ziva Kinrot

DSCF4879I have been involved with yoga for almost 4 decades and have been a teacher since 1976. During the first 20 years I discovered numerous attitudes to yoga tradition both as a student and as a teacher. During my role as chairperson of the Israeli Yoga Teacher’s Association, I met VINIYOGA teachers. I have been studying the teaching of Prof Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar with my own teacher Paul Harvey, since 1995. In this way I have found the tools to fulfill my need to discover new depths both in study and practice. I keep an open and critical mind when I encounter new insights and perspectives. The knowledge which I impart is offered in a simple and up to date way to groups but with the emphasis on individual students.

My work integrates awareness of the body-mind boundaries with the student’s particular ability. The practice combines intensive body dynamics, breathing, intention and relaxation, paying particular attention to the flow of energy.

Each class becomes a new working experience in which pupils undergo an intuitive process of taking apart as well as gathering themselves. This enhances contact with the inner space (energy body) and stability, which affects the ability to flow with the world outside.


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