About Yoga

Yoga is about opening a space that enables us to go deeper or go beyond.

It can relate to all aspects of our life. Usually we start with the body it is the most accessible instrument to start ‘playing’ and practice with. (When I was a child I started learning music/notes with a simple wooden flute, it was the simplest mean to implement musical talent, to read notes and having basic skill of practicing). In yoga the instruments are body breathe and mind. The three should function in mutual way with a special quality which dwells in each of us and stems from our awareness. We intend, make choice and try to be present. The consequences are skill in actions and excellence.

I consider Yoga as enlightened way to life and the viniyoga approach to Yoga as an enlightened way of applying Yoga. The teachings are offered in clear and simple way which can be adapted to everybody (In Hebrew: to “every soul/spirit”–לכל נפש ).

For Teachers, the challenge is to teach the knowledge to groups while relating to each individual persistently, and when teaching individuals, to take in account the vast possibilities that Yoga offers, to tailor them for the pupil in a way that it serves their need; their current potential to absorb and to act. At the same time we share our trust and the acquaintance with the infinite potential which is beyond the reach of our mind.

Practicing conscious breath and movement (asana), allows free flow of energy (Prana) in the body. Prana is energy that enables things to link. It exists in all relationships within us (for example eye – hand), and relationship with others; with the world around us. Prana should flow freely in the body and find its ‘highway’ so we can function as a whole system.

The goal is to live the differences and not being overwhelmed by them. We might be able to contain changes and to initiate changes.

Then, we experience independence within situations that used to bind us in the past and caused us dependency.

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